Mat Trenchard

Managing Partner | Senna House Buyers

Mat Trenchard earned an accounting degree from University of Houston – Downtown. Right out of school, he went to work at KPMG as a public auditor. He quickly found that his career path did not align with the vision he had for his life. Shortly thereafter, Mat realized his true passion was working with people and found an interest in real estate. Following his position at KPMG, Mat went on to become the CFO of one of the top property management companies in Houston where he oversaw their accounting and finances. While Mat learned quickly how to analyze the numbers behind real estate investment, he wasn’t tapped into his passion for working with people. Mat joined Senna House Buyers in a sales role and found immediate success because of his ability to connect with other people. He has a unique ability to think outside the box to find creative solutions to any type of situation. Over the course of the next couple of years, Mat continued to take on more responsibility and apply his unique skill set to help grow Senna House Buyers. He has proven to become an invaluable asset to the team and has become a partner in the company. Mat enjoys spending time with his wife Shanna and son Aiden. He loves being outdoors and is an avid runner, triathlete and plays lacrosse for the Houston Heights Lacrosse Club.

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